FOLLOWING THE DISCOLORED BRICK ROUTE I used up some time at this time surfing. Not really at the ocean (I never learned to surf subsequently after living to the Gulf over 30 years). I was searching doing some ‘follow the yellow-colored brick road’ path. I love to call the idea that considering that one website, leads to one more, leads to a further and you you should find an Emerald Locale at the end! Which is great thing with regards to following backlinks: you never understand where in order to take people and what escapades you will have along the way.

These are often the jewels I came across today. I actually couldn’t support but cross them together to all very own parent customers (and fans! ):
It is really an amazing website for higher education planning. It can interactive plus tons of interesting. It’s not your company’s typical unexciting college website. It’s a enjoyable place to start the main search for heart schoolers by using schedules together with tips all through high school. Whaz up dudes and dudettes… check this an individual out! (I know I’m just not hip bone but My spouse and i try)
Seriously. This is NOT your own avearage college tour internet site. This one features moxy and a few genuine off the wall creativity. There are video dates for tours that ROCK AND ROLL, a message mother board, cool ANIMATIONS maps, activities, career films and different ways to connect with many other college students. Follow through one over and get within the ‘mood intended for college’!
I had in order to plop one in just for the parents. This is the GREATEST, I said BEST, web site for everything you could want to know with regards to financing of which college schooling but were afraid individuals. Remember people: DENIAL simply a water in Egypt. Knowledge is normally power. The harder you know cardiovascular disease prepared you will be. So take a deep breath and get in!
As the daughter could say… ‘cool beans’. This can be a site to find and be uncovered by colleges, scholarships together with other college programs. A GREAT web 2 . 0 site and a place to link and set away an online presence.
This site is Twitterific! Yes, I have say that. Match college lifetime on Flickr: students, educational institutions, faculty, clubs, and more. Stay on top of the most recent college along with student announcement via the whole set of great Flickr links. As well as, there’s an option to ‘follow all’ should you be so owned. Whew… Factors . just follow… EVERYONE!


No ‘yellow brick road’ search might possibly be complete while not unearthing a new scholarship. This also one is an incredible one. This is how you enter to win… Put up a development that stock shares with us what you wish to achieve in the personal and even professional existence after college or university. Your connection can be a take pictures, collage, composition, drawing, painting, graphic design item, short inputted explanation, or perhaps anything YOU can produce in an photo! Your access should display: This is how We ‘Frame My very own Future. ‘

That concludes my seek out today. I do believe I can easily say I recently found the ‘Emerald City’ because every one of the links will take your teen closer to their want a college education.


Discovering to help she or he with the higher education decision approach, you are not by itself. According to a write-up on TodaysCampus. com simply by Joe Dysart:

Nearly all parents (90 percent) researching colleges and universities for their kids tend to be turning to the internet for information, as outlined by a recent online survey from a number of market research sets.

Of the surveyed parents, 82 percent claimed they plan to play some sort of pivotal position in helping their children make the ultimate decision about university. Only seventeen-year-old percent reported they will give their child to help make that decision on his own.

The net is packed with information based on the college judgement process. It is crucial to know where to locate it and the way to sift through everything to utilize what the heck is most handy. My Fathers and mothers Countdown to varsity Toolkit sends you to the correct websites and present you all the details you need to perform a pivotal role in helping your teen face the final decision regarding college.


If your youngster is an average student, you may well be thinking that local community college or maybe a local smaller state institution is their only preference. But , the truth is, there are some choices you might contemplate.

According to an up to date seminar in the National Connections for University or college Admission Therapies,

There can be application methods that can help… Some solid colleges want more physical diversity, but will consider trainees with weakened grades when from one more part of the countryside. Students with weak standard test standing should also think about colleges wheresoever SAT together with ACT lots are non-compulsory. (A number can be found at

Students might choose to request an interview at organisations that can not necessarily need to have them, showing character strengths that transcripts and GPA’s don’t represent.

One school counselor preferred applying mid-year, when admissions are less economical than in the particular high-pressure slip. Another encouraged looking for educational institutions with pre-admission programs to help ease students inside the college they plan to enroll in.

Of course , all consultants recommend that paying attention to grades fast in your teen’s high school job will ensure considerably more college alternatives. But if your young is already within their senior calendar year and there is little time to rectify their GPA, there are continually application procedures that can help.

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